Day 2: Heidi

imageHey chaps, all is well here. I won’t pretend it’s all sunshine and the wind in our hair because it’s not as there are saddle sore behinds and very tired legs but mostly we’re fine.

Met some interesting folk today, the usual mix of locals and others. An argument outside our hotel room at 3.50am went something like this. Him: You never listen to me, you’re always right and never wrong. Her: Well you have no respect for anyone least of all me. You don’t give a **** about anyone but yourself. Him: I DO, I’m always putting other people before me! This was all at warp speed and in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT outside our bedroom door. Oh the irony.

Tonight, a young lad called Mason came and sat with us while we played cards in the pub and within a few minutes had told me that a man started shouting and swearing at his Mam this morning so he (Mason) went off to get his brothers air rifle. 😬

The kids are all costing us a fortune as they’re burning so many calories that no-one wants a ‘kids meal!’ Dave and I have had to sample a few local brews, for research purposes you understand. All of us are saddle sore and I have a few twinges and pain in my dicky arm but we are already a third of the way there so it’ll be fine.

We’ve been following route 1 which is known as the ‘castles and coast’ route in Northumberland and is absolutely spectacular. There are miles of sandy beaches with barely anyone on them despite it being sunny and warm here. If you can stomach the long drive here then I’d recommend it as a great place for a holiday!

Best thing that happened today: Dave getting caught having a wee in a corn field by a load of tourists on a double decker bus. Charli and Gracie laughed solidly for 10 mins!


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  1. This holidays I have also experienced the “kids meal are too small” phenomenon – costing me a fortune too & mine aren’t burning the calories that yours are. 😉

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