Day 7 Heidi: Bodmin to Roseland

Day 7, was brought to you by the words ‘excruciating’ and ‘joy’ and tunes from Kacey Musgraves. 😁

The excruciating bit is obvious, the joy is because of the simple things. Riding the length of the homeland is wonderful, the scent of heather and the sea, remembering happy days when I was a kid, watching Dave have entire conversations with the locals and knowing he hasn’t a clue what they’re saying. 🤣 I played a game of ‘chicken’ with a plucky sparrow whilst travelling over gravel at speed. Sparrow 1, Heidi 0. 😆 Pure joy.

One week down, 54 miles to go. We’re all coming home with thighs like anvils and the ability to sink a pint in less than 30 seconds. 😂 (I’m talking water). We notice that you, dear reader, have met the challenge of raising £1000 for each charity. YOU’RE AMAZING! Thank you so much, please add to the tally if you can. X

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