Day 6 – Heidi

Today was a mega hard slog. We set off late for us, 10am and took a route which avoided the A road but meant we went up and down on a very rough track for about 1.5 hours and when we got to the end we’d actually put 2 miles on to our total! Then rain, wind, freezing cold conditions and Dave repeatedly saying, ‘this is the last hill’. 😂 Anyway, we are here and done. Our many thanks to all those who have donated to our charities and in turn have supported us. We are aware that it’s a big deal to pledge your hard earned cash, particularly as we do this every year. Thank you, everyone, particularly to today’s sponsors Ed & Deborah, Gavin & Lara, Helen & Al, Rupert, Mike, Norm, Hilarie & David,

Ladan, Laura & James and our anonymous friends. The many people who have donated, including all those at the cafe, will have made a significant difference to our 2 charities and to the belief that by and large, people are good. Lastly, thank you to the big guy Himself, God, for keeping us safe and healthy. 🙏🏻 Check out final blog posts here: and to donate those final pennies. Much love, Team Simpson. 😍

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