Day 6 Charli: Bude to Bodmin

Today was extremely hilly 🙁

We started off the day with a lovely breakfast in which I had food envy. I only got bacon and Harry decided to get bacon and cheese crumpets:)) I also got cereal as well; always a good start to the day.

Later on we set off down the small down hill of Bude until we had to face the mammoth uphill of the Cornish coast. We would cruise along the downhill then get about half way up the hill until our legs could take us no more. At some points we walked but usually we just went up slowly and in bits. 

This pattern lumbered on for ages and I mean ages. We passed a little sign saying all the prices for water, lemonade, cucumber, crisps and eggs. They were located in a fridge half way onto the drive. It was really nice especially as the water wasn’t Cornish and tasted different.

We carried on until we hit Bodmin moor where there was an endless head wind. It was slightly flatter though. We managed to get through it enough to get to St Blazey. There was a lovely pub there and a post office right by it. We all refilled our water bottles with amazing ice cold water.

We then belted it into Bodmin via the Camel trail. We parked our bikes up and went to check into our hotel and then set out for dinner which was divine.