Day 5: Heidi

Today was a crazy day consisting mainly of huge long stretches of cycling on a cycle path next to busy and noisy roads or cycling up hills that went as far as you could see and into a headwind.

There was also a lot of cycling through wasteland past nuclear power stations and concrete works. The wind was so strong as we biked down the hill into Pease Bay that you didn’t even need to break despite it being a 1/4 hill. Totally different day to yesterday.

NTodays ascent was in the first half of our journey and so saw some fairly standard country sights like a small hare that ran the length of a football pitch towards us before darting off into the undergrowth. Loads of roadkill and livestock in the fields, we spent a lot of time mooing at cows and baaing at sheep. Sadly we saw the rough end of country living when we came across a livestock wagon full of pigs that had overturned on a bridge in the middle of nowhere. The noise was horrendous and could be heard from some distance away. We passed the vet who was enroute to slaughter the animals. It reminded me of a time when a horse got hit by a lorry in the lane outside our cottage when I was about 9 (in Cornwall). My dad went out with his shotgun to see if it was needed but I can’t remember what happened. Can you remember this bruv?

Yesterday I had a tumble off the bike and so today my bruising is EPIC. Sore muscles from earlier in the week are recovering as we all get stronger and the Scottish midges have been less than we feared. Winner!

*Entertainment (*distraction) this week has been awesome. We’ve played ‘We took a load of children swimming and they were called’ – Alex, Belle, Charli, David, Ed, Frank….etc. And eye-spy. And we’ve sung Shine Jesus Shine a lot, and Rick’s new album has been belted out all over the hills of the Scottish Borders. We’ve talked about who we hope to spend time with when we get back too. 😀
Anyway, enough from me. Tomorrow we will complete the final day of stage 7 and celebrate in style at the Edinburgh fringe. Please keep on donating, it’s so encouraging and we appreciate it so much. You are all as much a part of this crazy thing as we are. Much love xxxxx

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