Day 5 – Grace

So here we are at the Northern Sands Hotel near Dunnett Head ( the most Northerly point. We arrived here at 12:49 after 26 mile long journey. On our journey we stopped in Thurso (a massive town and the only for miles)to have lunch. We stopped in the tempest Cafe and I had a kids lunch box, because it said it came with wotsits, Harry had a rocky road (good but not as good as the cafe on the square’s,Charli has ham and cheese toastie and Mum and dad had cheese scones (pronounced scon). However when mine came it came with cheese curls, which make me sick🤢 , but I got a ice cream 🍦 so I was ok. Then we set off and rocketed up hills, like it was my job. Then we arrived and went to beach.


One thought on “Day 5 – Grace

  1. We think you have all done wonderfully well and spent time watching your progress, enjoy reading your bloggs and looking at the photos on Facebook. Hope you have a good and safe journey home whenever that might be, all the best from Norman and Mary

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