Day 5 Bideford to Bude: Grace

We started the day by going to breakfast I had lots of things: a small roll rapped in meat, it was kinda hard the roll but it was nice with the meat; cereal with soya;
just 2 poached eggs and 2 rashers of bacon, because I couldn’t pick up the sausage; toast with jam ; and some apple juice.

Then we started the actual bike ride we wheeled our bikes up the ramp and started on the Tarkar Trail which looks flat but is just slowly going uphill so it makes you feel like your going really slow which you are but you feellike you should be going faster. 

After what seemed like ages we turned off into a car park and down a hill and then up a hill and then down a hill etc. Anyway at about lunch we went into Sheepwash a really cute village where we went to a pub and I had a pint of no not beer, lemon and lime. We were short on supplies so we went to the community shop and got mainly chocolate but I also got a rubber and sharpener cause I already had a notepad and pencil so ya.

Many hours of hearing my breathing louder than the cars later we arrived yay! We were staying at this nice hotel in Bude also a nice place where we put are bikes away. We had a family room so it was two rooms in one charli and I had the twin mum and dad had the double and Harry had a separate room all to him self.

We all showered and changed and then we met up with Burty, Wilfy, Abi and Rich which was really fun. We went to dinner then we went to a pub the parents had a drink and we went to the park. When we were walking back there were these massive fish about 40cm long which I think were eels and they were eating all the plants floating on top of the water. And now I’m here writing this. This was Grace by the way

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