Day 4: Heidi

Drumochter pass got done today. I don’t really know how because it’s 4 hours solid of cycling uphill but it happened. Hurrah! The gentle downhill to our overnight accommodation was glorious and the scenery today was just beautiful. We live in an amazing country. We’ve seen an eagle, grouse, pheasant, partridge, a deer, rabbits, kestrel, no red squirrels, strange creatures that run fast a bit like a hedgehog and many many sheep. The absolute best thing though was seeing Big and Little Nut Brown Hares, literally haring through the field. 😀

The locals have started to talk differently the further north we get. They’re now saying ‘mornin’ rather than ‘morning’. Today we only passed a guy on a quad and 4 touring bikes, that was it. The lady who we were supposed to be staying with is very nice and has a daughter who lives on Alma Vale Road in Clifton! Ha. Good old Bristol. 😁

The weather has been so kind to us today which has meant the hole in my leg is better and miraculously most of us are not suffering too badly with saddle soreness. God is good.

Tomorrow it’s expected to rain all day and we’re staying at the Dalrachney Country Hotel, a very nice place by the look of it. Looking forward to introducing ourselves. 😁

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