Day 4 – Harry

Today was hard. It was one of the shorter days (26 miles) but the hilliest day (2582 feet of ascent). We were heading to Melvich from Tongue. But whenever we conquered a hill, another one was waiting for us. We stopped in Bettyhill for lunch because we knew there wasn’t going to be anywhere else until the B&B. It was lush and the food was really nice. After that we found a dead deer and many other hills. It was horrible. I could’ve walk after today. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.

One thought on “Day 4 – Harry

  1. Sometimes it feels as if I’ve watched you FLY, one one report it sounded is if there was a sMIDGEon of complaint, but generally you all TICKed along nicely. Well done the five of you (but I still can’t work out which one is Charli and which is Gracie). xx

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