Day 4 Harry: Dulverton to Bideford

Dulverton was pretty but we soon realised that because we are in a valley we have to get out of it. We had to face a grade 5/5 hill and it took 30 minutes to get up it. Also, it was at the very beginning and this destroyed our legs from the get go. After this we cruised along the top with hills every minute. It was gruelling. Every second my I wanted to give up and go home.

At midday we found a shop for lunch and we had a couple of ice creams. However, we did see that the village pub had been shut down and we realised we had to go back up the hill to rejoin the route. It was horrible. After this the hills were continuous and kept going up and there were lots of hidden dips which gave us false hope. The best bit of the day was where we flew down the hills and entered Barnstaple.

It was the final stretch.

After Barnstaple, we were on the Tarka Trail until our hotel except it seemed like it went on forever, especially as it was 30 degrees!

Finally, we got to the hotel and then we collapsed, showered and ate. The chicken was amazing and the halloumi was better. We are all very tired and hoping tomorrow is not as hilly. As this was hell like.

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