Day 3: Heidi

Yesterday we’d done a third and today we’ve completed a half of the miles we need to do. Great weather for cycling, kinda breezy but sunny which meant we got a touch sunburnt as it was bouncing off the sea.

Felt stronger in my legs today which is a good job as we needed to get to Bamburgh and then on to our hotel in Belford before the rain was due at 5pm.
The castle was very cool, mainly because it was the location of a kids TV series last year so our guys were very excited to be there. Lots of info to be read, all of which we’ve forgotten. 😀

More punctures today, more ice cream and an encounter with a wasp. Never ignore a weird feeling in your armpit even if you are doing a fair whack along a country lane in the sunshine. After a few minutes I had a tentative feel and brushed it off whilst screaming and steering the bike at the same time. So, dodgy right arm and dodgy left. ^^

Met a wicked guy soon after who was on a pilgrimage from Porlock (not as grand sounding) to Holy Island (as this). Massive beard, the obligatory satchel and sandals, big BIG smile. As we pulled away from him after our chat he said, God speed. 😊

Saw lots of random animal skins on the road today, possibly squirrels that have stolen one too many nuts and been eaten by something bigger. The cycle network has been fantastic as ever but sooooo much broken glass everywhere, not good.
Arrived at our end destination and got approached by a couple of great folks outside the Black Swan selling peas, still in their pods! Gracie was very happy as that’s her favourite thing, ever.

Fish and chips for supper and a wee drink followed by some cookies from the Co-op. Gracie came with me to buy them and spent quite some time playing with dog toys, the loud squeezy kind. As I was on my way over to tell her to cut it out an announcement came over the tannoy. “This is a customer announcement. If you squeeze it, you buy it!” Lots of customers laughed, especially when I said we’d have to buy the dog first!

Anyway, tomorrow is BIG. It’s 30 miles with over 1600 ft of ascent. I’m off to bed, Dave is already zonked out. Night chaps. Ximage

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  1. Loving the blogs. Most unusual animal skin we saw on our coast to coast a couple of years ago was a sheep. Keep up the cycling.

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