Day 3: Charli

So far we have done approximately 80 miles. On the fist day we did 30 miles from Newcastle to Ashington. We went past the marina and along the cost. We stopped at a small beach and had an ice cream. We stopped at a premier Inn and I had spaghetti bolongnese for tea.

Yesterday we cycled Ashington to Embleton. It was such a tough start because we were battered from the first exhausting weather. We set of in a good start and stopped of to paddle in a beach were I saved a jellyfish. imageI saw a dead sqirrel, rabbit, mouse and a bird. We went from Embleton to Belford and saw a dead hedgehog. We had lovely tea.

Thanks to every one who has sponsored us,


2 thoughts on “Day 3: Charli

  1. hey Charli – I love your list of dead things followed by we had a lovely tea! 🙂 You are really seeing some amazing sights on all these cycle rides of yours. I am very proud to know you all. Thanks for your updates. XXX

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