Day 3 Charli: Taunton to Dulverton

I’m so exhausted, I’ve lost my ability to write. So please excuse the possible bad grammar.

We started the morning of with a lovely breakfast with our friends. We had a roughly early start and set of approximately 8:30ish. It was really quite hot this morning and we accidentally went down the wrong road then had to bike back only to realise it was the right road after all.

After going along the country roads, we soon joined on to the canal path for quite a while which was really nice as it was gentle and flat; but the terrain of gravel was menacing. After turning of we had a nice chat with this elderly woman then soon carried on to our lunch stop. We had some panini and dad decided to get a packet of crisps instead. 

Afterwards we then joined the canal path again and set of. However we soon had to leave the respite of the flatness and went on to cycle past Knightshay and stopped for an ice cream after cycling up the massive drive into the national trust place. 

After quite a while, we finally started seeing Dulverton on the signs getting closer and closer. After cruising down the down hill which was such a relief, we rode up onto a bridge and could see our B&B right there. However the man had some trouble with our booking so we had to wait a wee while until we could get into our rooms.

Later that evening, after freshening up we went for a lovely meal at The Bridge Inn. All the food was as amazing as it tasted and it was especially nice as they had my favourite drink, Frobisher’s Mango. Subsequently, went for a little walk around the village before arriving back at our B&B.

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