Day 2 Grace: Glastonbury to Taunton

 Today was amazing! It was the flattest day and the sun was shining there was no annoying wind blowing in are faces – which may seem nice but it makes you feel like you’re cycling through porridge. For the first part of the day, we were cycling past fields in a tunnel of trees only letting through fragments of light making the leaves glow in the morning sky. After a few minutes we were back in the fresh air, a wind had started to pick up and blew in our faces as if it knew the we were hot.

Not long into the ride, my mums wheel started bulging so we had to stop and my dad fixed it.  We were nearing our lunch stop (Bridgewater) when my mums tyre came off the wheel a bit and we had stop again. Having just come under a bridge with very low arches which we had to cycle under my Dad got an idea that if we went over the bridge we would be able to skip a few Miles.

Whilst we were going down the steps off the bridge Harry lost control of his bike as he screamed in surprise Charli and I turned around and Charli dived for the bike only just saving it. By the time all the commotion was over with my mum and dad were here and in the end they took the bike down the steps this time successfully. 

Turns my mums tyre had come off a bit again and we had to stop so that that could be fixed. Meanwhile, dad asked Harry if he could see ahead so we could make sure we were going the right way which we were. After mums tyre had been fixed we set off for we had forget mum needed to put her paniers on we had to wait for a bit. In the end mum caught up and we set off along the road at first but then back to the canal. 

The only thing that you could say was unpleasant about today was the flies and the food at lunch. The constant reminder of the feeling of just bugs hitting your face like a natural bullet really killed the bliss of being peaceful for once in a crazy family. And the food was horrible okay maybe that was an exaggeration but since we had skipped Bridgewater we had to go to north Newton a lovely place really pretty but all they had to eat was either carvery or crisps. Crisps I’m fine with but not quavers just no no no. It was started to get cold so we went off hoping to regain heat.

Rejoining the canal and thinking about getting to our destination, which seemed impossible on this never ending stretch, I started to get hungry which is usual well for me so we stopped at a bridge where there was a sign saying something anyway on it there was somewhere with a co op so we sent Harry and Charli off to get some food. 

After more canals through Taunton we finally arrived at our friends house where they greeted us with a really lovely welcome. They had even put little chocolates on our pillows and put a note on there too. We had a lovely meal all together then went off exploring. Later on we did some scrunchie wresting on the trampoline. And this is where I shall end for it’s getting late so bye. This was grace by the way. 

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