Day 1 Harry: Home to Glastonbury

Hurdles are horrible and our first one was a puncture before we had left and an inner tube fault at the Pump House. This and the harbour festival slowed us down and so we had to catch up time.

Once out of Bristol the hills began to get taller and taller until we got the mendips. One hill crushed us and we had to walk. Once at the top, we had a spot of lunch and then we were off. We found the second bit much more enjoyable as there was a massive downhill and then we were on the Somerset Levels we’re mercifully flat. It was amazing.

However, we did have to take a shortcut as the route took us over a hill and we had had enough of hills for one day and this meant it took slightly longer to get to the hotel.

We have done 41.22 miles, hit a top speed of 27.3 mph and had an average speed of 6 mph

2 thoughts on “Day 1 Harry: Home to Glastonbury

  1. You are amazing, especially since you seem to have done some of it upside down Lovely to hear about it, thanks Harry!

  2. Thank you Harry It looks as though your problems have started early. Let’s hope they get less as you go through the week. Sending love and best wishes to Team simpson.

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