Day 1 – Charli

Day one and we cycled from Inverness to Alness! (24 miles)

After we had wolfed down a bowl of cereal we set of from our travel lodge at 8:30. As we were cycling away from the city, we cycled over a beautiful bridge. We cycled on a quiet lane parallel to the A9 for a very long time and then reached a massive Tesco around half way for lunch. However, it was only 10:30 so we had lunch really early because there wasn’t enough space to carry it. We then set of again with renewed energy, we came across a massive hill. From here we could see a really cool monument at the top. We soon saw a sign for Alness. As we pulled in to our B&B it was 12:30. We were gobsmacked as we had never made that distance in that time. We then went into town and got food at 5:30. The Sunday roast was really nice. The puddings were also just amazing: Cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake and sticky toffee pudding. As we walked back, we were cold as it had just been raining. Then we went into our rooms and we just relaxed.

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