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Day 1 – Heidi

Today was a real stop/start day, checking the map over and over, putting waterproofs on, taking them off, having mild bouts of hysteria, looking at awesome green stuff. It may of been slightly more comfortable for me had I remembered to pack my padded shorts, but I didn’t. Suffering will happen.

Saw a lot of real poverty on the outskirts of the city. Heaps of rough sleepers, lots of people walking around with cans of special brew, that kinda thing. Things were going ok until we hit 7 miles to go and there was a massive cloud burst. In the one or two minutes it took us to stop and get waterproofs on (turns out mine aren’t) we were absolutely soaked through. So much so that we went to dinner in socks only as our shoes were still sopping wet.

Our kids have been awesome, truly amazing. Harry is riding for the first time with panniers and the girls are riding for the first time on their own bikes. Favourite kid quotes from today have been, ‘that wedgie was totally epic’, and ‘come on mum lets do this’ as we stood at the bottom of a large hill in torrential rain. 😀 Hxx

Day 1- Charli


Today we have cycled from Edinburgh to Kinross, which is roughly thirty miles. It has been very hard the first day because there was a lot of uphill however there was a nice stretch of long downhill. Very sadly a woman had come off her bike on the way and it looks like she’s broken her collar bone and maybe her nose so we will being praying for her. About ten miles to go it started to hack it down so we put on our waterproof trousers and coats as we went up hill. At the same time a small stream of water was coming down. The hotel is called the kirklands and the staff are very nice. Wanna get a good nice sleep so gotta go, bye!

Day 1 – Harry

Today was a hard day leaving Edinburgh however the scenery was mind blowing. Yeah I know it literally blew my mind I’m in A&E. We stopped in a lovely town called Inverkiething. About 10 miles from the hotel it chucks it down with rain and I actually believe I was in they amazon rainforest. But when we finally get out of the rain we have to go down this massive hill and it is glorious not having to pedal for about 10 minutes. Our hotel is amazing and the food is really good. I’m really tired and need lots of rest. Harry

Pre-ride day

Today was the pre-ride day. This mostly involves me realising I forgot to pack some stuff (this year I’ve forgotten tshirts for me AND Harry), going off to get the said stuff and getting distracted by other things and so ending up with nothing. Meh. It’s only a week. 😀 We took the scenic route here (A701) which meant a bit more time in the car but it was worth it. Gorgeous views, cute Scottish towns, loads of sheep. Met some great people, watched a man swallow a sword, ate jambalaya, directed a man to the bus station in a Scottish accent, bathed in a roll top, people watched. Tip-top day all round.