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Day 6 – Charli

Day six has finally arrived!

Mum and dad thought it would be nice to have a lie in and so we all woke up around 8:30 and lounged around till 9:00. The thing that finally got us up was the fact that they stopped serving breakfast after 10:00.

When we went down to our table, we all had cereal as well as cooked breakfast. My mum and dad both had scrambled egg and smoked salmon whilst Harry and I had bacon and Grace had 3 poached eggs.

As we set off with our bikes around 10:45 we all were very achy from the previous days. We also learnt that my dad had decided to take a six mile detour to the most northern point of mainland Britain. Whilst we were up there we met some of our friends, the Dymond’s. It was worth going up there as there was an amazing view and a hill down. Our lunch stop was closed as Prince Charles was in the castle by it and they don’t want any tourists. There were many hills and straight roads where you could see the road up and the never ending hill.

John O’Groats was getting really close now. We had been on this one road for ages and closely our hotel came into view. We were all really excited however we turned left away from the hotel to go down to the sign. As we went through the car park and onto the pavement where the sign was we could here the Dymond’s cheering us on. We had finally made it from Bristol to John O’Groats!!!

We had our picture taken and went to get an ice cream for lunch! I had mint choc chip and malteser flavour whilst the rest of my family had various flavours from salted caramel to apple crumble. We then had to shelter from the rain and finished our ice creams. We then made it back to our hotel room to just relax. We’ve all had showers and now we are in our car finally, in Wick as we are looking for food options.

Thank you everyone who has sponsored us and I really hope we meet our target!!!



Day 5 – Grace

So here we are at the Northern Sands Hotel near Dunnett Head ( the most Northerly point. We arrived here at 12:49 after 26 mile long journey. On our journey we stopped in Thurso (a massive town and the only for miles)to have lunch. We stopped in the tempest Cafe and I had a kids lunch box, because it said it came with wotsits, Harry had a rocky road (good but not as good as the cafe on the square’s,Charli has ham and cheese toastie and Mum and dad had cheese scones (pronounced scon). However when mine came it came with cheese curls, which make me sick🤢 , but I got a ice cream 🍦 so I was ok. Then we set off and rocketed up hills, like it was my job. Then we arrived and went to beach.


Day 4 – Harry

Today was hard. It was one of the shorter days (26 miles) but the hilliest day (2582 feet of ascent). We were heading to Melvich from Tongue. But whenever we conquered a hill, another one was waiting for us. We stopped in Bettyhill for lunch because we knew there wasn’t going to be anywhere else until the B&B. It was lush and the food was really nice. After that we found a dead deer and many other hills. It was horrible. I could’ve walk after today. Tomorrow will be better, I hope.