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Day 2 – Harry

Today was the second day and the feeling of getting on a bike is always uncomfortable. To compliment the uncomfortability, Dad told us that much of today would be uphill. BRILLIANT. That is not what you want, but with the view at the top it was all worthwhile. It was amazing and you could see the whole ‘loch’ or lake. It was incredible. What was better than the view was the downhill. We went 28 mph at one point, the headwind was so strong I couldn’t hear anything but the wind.

The lunch stop was at a small shop and café in Ardgay, it was very small but had everything from fans, heaters and microwaves. On the way out of Ardgay we went down a small road which led to a railway bridge. The railway bridge was uncrossable but thanks to amazing Engineers we could cross it by using a steel structure stuck to the side of the bridge. It was amazing except for the fact we couldn’t use the bike gutter on the steps because of all the luggage we were carrying in our paniers. Just after the bridge we stopped at Shin Falls café and community project where you could play mini golf, walk down to the falls, have a coffee in the café or play in the playground. It was amazing and further up the road there was a footbridge which led to Lairg train station. This meant we were close!!!!

In Lairg there is a beautiful man made damn and a tiny house on an island. The hotel is good but sadly one of the only things in Lairg. With the bank, shop and chapel closed the pharmacy, garage, campsite and primary school are the only things left. It’s very sad to see a community slowly dying out. The day was amazing and the 37 miles tomorrow is only just dawning on us, much more than the 30 miles we did today.


Day 1 – Charli

Day one and we cycled from Inverness to Alness! (24 miles)

After we had wolfed down a bowl of cereal we set of from our travel lodge at 8:30. As we were cycling away from the city, we cycled over a beautiful bridge. We cycled on a quiet lane parallel to the A9 for a very long time and then reached a massive Tesco around half way for lunch. However, it was only 10:30 so we had lunch really early because there wasn’t enough space to carry it. We then set of again with renewed energy, we came across a massive hill. From here we could see a really cool monument at the top. We soon saw a sign for Alness. As we pulled in to our B&B it was 12:30. We were gobsmacked as we had never made that distance in that time. We then went into town and got food at 5:30. The Sunday roast was really nice. The puddings were also just amazing: Cheesecake, chocolate fudge cake and sticky toffee pudding. As we walked back, we were cold as it had just been raining. Then we went into our rooms and we just relaxed.

Day -1 Grace

Today was the day before the first day. We spent the day in Inverness whilst my dad took the car to John’a Groats. We decided to go to the leisure centre so we started walking. It was miles away from anything else and it took us ages to get there, but when we got there turns out we couldn’t climb so we walked back. I spotted mini golf 🏌️‍♀️so we did that and then we came back and checked in before going to pub, eating and meeting dad. Ha ha. 🤣