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2017 Edinburgh to Inverness

In the summer of 2017 Team Simpson cycled 170 miles from Edinburgh to Inverness as part of our ‘Lands End to John O’Groats 1 week a year for 10 years’ challenge.

What are the stats I hear you cry! Well, funny you should ask. It was 30 miles every day for 6 days (carrying all our luggage), 5 bikes, 3 awesome children and all for 2 fantastic charities:

Dementia UK – in support of the many sufferers that we know and for those who my amazing brother has started working with recently and The Samaritans – In memory of a family member, Mick and in support of his wife and my cousin, Joan.

You followed our adventures by checking out our blog posts which are usually written by the kids and never fail to be entertaining.

Thanks to all of your support we raised £2,426.04 in total. Much love, Dave, Heidi, Harry (13), Charli (11) and Grace (8).

Day 6 – Heidi

Today was a mega hard slog. We set off late for us, 10am and took a route which avoided the A road but meant we went up and down on a very rough track for about 1.5 hours and when we got to the end we’d actually put 2 miles on to our total! Then rain, wind, freezing cold conditions and Dave repeatedly saying, ‘this is the last hill’. 😂 Anyway, we are here and done. Our many thanks to all those who have donated to our charities and in turn have supported us. We are aware that it’s a big deal to pledge your hard earned cash, particularly as we do this every year. Thank you, everyone, particularly to today’s sponsors Ed & Deborah, Gavin & Lara, Helen & Al, Rupert, Mike, Norm, Hilarie & David,

Ladan, Laura & James and our anonymous friends. The many people who have donated, including all those at the cafe, will have made a significant difference to our 2 charities and to the belief that by and large, people are good. Lastly, thank you to the big guy Himself, God, for keeping us safe and healthy. 🙏🏻 Check out final blog posts here: and to donate those final pennies. Much love, Team Simpson. 😍

Day 6: Charli and Grace

Hip, hip, horay!

Edinburgh to Inverness done.

Personally me and and my sister are proud to be Simpsonians with this great achievement in our paths.

Today we decided to take the (rough) route after a lie in which added on a couple of miles but the scenery was beautiful and we crossed a lovely bridge. However on the other side there was a massive hill that then joined a path along the A9, when we saw a friendly, little toad.

About ten miles in we stopped for lunch at the only place available, which was a small community shop in Tomatin. When we saw a sign for Inverness we all went crazy because we were so close to Inverness. When we saw the youth hostel we all went ballistic.

And that was the end of that chapter.

Day 6: Harry

Wow 180 miles is complete! I’m very proud of us but it’s not all been nice and dandy. It’s been quite hard to get coats when the clouds burst out laughing and accidentally wet themselves. It felt like we were in the amazon jungle which was brilliant (sarcasm). But at the same time it’s been quite fun at points walking and cycling around our amazing country. One things for sure brexit won’t change the beauty of Scotland. So go out and explore it for it’s a wonderful place. Thank you Scotland, mum and dad, my two sisters, the many hotels and Sustrans for a wonderful 2017 bike ride.

Day 4: Heidi

Drumochter pass got done today. I don’t really know how because it’s 4 hours solid of cycling uphill but it happened. Hurrah! The gentle downhill to our overnight accommodation was glorious and the scenery today was just beautiful. We live in an amazing country. We’ve seen an eagle, grouse, pheasant, partridge, a deer, rabbits, kestrel, no red squirrels, strange creatures that run fast a bit like a hedgehog and many many sheep. The absolute best thing though was seeing Big and Little Nut Brown Hares, literally haring through the field. 😀

The locals have started to talk differently the further north we get. They’re now saying ‘mornin’ rather than ‘morning’. Today we only passed a guy on a quad and 4 touring bikes, that was it. The lady who we were supposed to be staying with is very nice and has a daughter who lives on Alma Vale Road in Clifton! Ha. Good old Bristol. 😁

The weather has been so kind to us today which has meant the hole in my leg is better and miraculously most of us are not suffering too badly with saddle soreness. God is good.

Tomorrow it’s expected to rain all day and we’re staying at the Dalrachney Country Hotel, a very nice place by the look of it. Looking forward to introducing ourselves. 😁

Day 3: Grace

Trivia Quiz:

Bottom hurt: No

Tired : Yes

Excited Yes no maybe so

Scared : Kinda

Bored : Basically idk-I don’t know

Today was a long stretch it was like climbing a hill but the bottom disappeared and reappeared at the top. I’m just glad I have at least 12hrs before tomorrow aka the hill.

Day 3: Charli

It’s day two and aw my bottom hurts. But I’ll tell you something the waterproof trousers were a lot more padded than my padded shorts.

Anyway today we started with all our waterproofs on in terrible weather going over a lovely little bridge. I saw many dead birds on the way and for the last stretch it was a really busy road but now we are at the Struan Inn. I hope I’m ready for tomorrow because we are really off root. Please donate and good bye.

Day 3 – Harry

We are now half way and it is taking the toll on my body I feel tired and we are all exhausted. The B&B is amazing and feels just like home. We saw a dead pheasant today which was not pleasant at all time. I spent my time singing to myself and trying to concentrate on something other than the pain. I’m ready for tomorrow, kinda.