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Two more Hilly days to go

Hooray we are back on the bikes and are going at a reasonable pace! However, the next two days are the hilliest and those are going to be tiring! However these final days will change peoples lives as other people donate to our charities. Home for good: A foster and adopting charity working especially with churches! Bristol Mind: A charity helping people through mental health issues in Bristol! All of these charities are great! So please do donate!

Thankyou everyone, you are helping change peoples lives!

Yorkshire is amazing

Its only just occurred to me that we have come this far completely in Yorkshire which is more than 135 miles. Can’t quite put into words how beautiful it is, particularly this area north of York. Miles upon miles of gorgeous fields and lanes, some with poppies growing and all with huge skies overhead. Its like stepping into a landscape painting! We both have a real connection with Yorkshire through Dave’s mum and her folks and through my Dads side of the family who have lived in north Yorkshire for years so its always been special but there is nothing quite like cycling through a county in wind, rain or shine to feel like you really know a place. I can’t speak highly enough of the place, its completely liberating and I know I’ll have a yen to come back soon. Without exception, the people have been wonderful, warm and friendly, some giving money to our charities, some giving food to keep us going, some giving directions or help, they’ve really lived up to their reputation as being some of the friendliest people in the world. Thank you Yorkshire, tomorrow we will ride out of you and further north but we will be back and if anyone else wants to do the same route, we can give you all the stuff you need. You’ll have a ‘reet good time’ just like we have.

The Big rest

Day Six and we are resting in the beautiful Yorkshire town of Thirske. It is a lush town full of kind people, so many pubs and is the home town of James Herriot! We started the day with a proper Yorkshire full English breakfast in our hotel! After that we headed off to the tourist information, where we found that we were not able to go to Carlton Lodge; an activity centre! So we had a plan B, to go to The World Of James Herriot, a one of a kind museum, dedicated to veterinary science! We had a brilliant time learning about the legendary vet! After this we decided to have some lunch in a local cafe. After this we went back to the hotel 🏨 to get ready for a walk 🚶 along a route which takes you round the nearby geocaches! After this we went to go have dinner 🍴 at the Three Tuns Pub and restaurant! I had an 8oz rump steak. It was yummy 😋! After this we went back to the hotel where we are relaxing watching tv 📺! That was our day! From Harry


Day 4 of the bike ride was the first day there was a puncture.  When Gracie was riding on her own bike she ran over a thorn.  We didn’t realise that Gracie had ran over it and it went through the other side as well as the other side.  Day 5 was the day when my dads inutube burst but luckily we had a spare inutube in the tool kit.


By Charli

Graces post ✉

whiles we’re on the bike ride it is fun to:. Play in public parks

. Have treats. GO to   new restaurants

. Explore the whole world . Have fun 🎉

we are raising money for Home for good and Bristol mind. Hope you go on a charity bike ride . It is fun 🎉.

😃😊😋😏😋😆😝😫💕👧 exhausted.

Charli’s post


Bike 🚲 ride :

After a long first day it is finally over. But after a all off that there are still 8 days up ahead with all our hard work we were getting closer as we stop at different hotels, B and Bs and places we had hired.😎😂 Thanks for all the support! Charli’s post! By

Grace’s post


Why I like doing a charity bike ride:
1. Its exercising.

2. Other people benefit from you doing the ride.

3. Its fun..

4. You get to travel the country.

5. You get to meet other people.

Why wouldn’t you come on a charity bike ride?

Hop on a bike and start riding!

From Grace