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2011 Northampton to Oxford

This is from our fundraising page we set up:

Hello. I’m Harry, I’m 7 yrs old and I’m going to cycle my bike from Northampton to Oxford over 3 days, starting on Aug 14th. I hope it stays sunny so I don’t have to wear my waterproof jacket. It makes me itch. My biggest little sister, Charli, is going to help Daddy by pedalling the tag-along and my littlest little sister, Gracie, will cheer on Mummy from the seat on the back of her bike.

We are trying to raise some money for two charities that we really like. One is the DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) who are helping the children and people in East Africa who don’t have any food or water. The other is SMCI (Sea Mills Community Initiatives) which is a charity from where we live. They’re turning an old toilet block into a community cafe for everyone to go and make new friends.

Please give us lots of money so we can help people all over the world. Thankyou very very very much.

In the end people generously donated £165.00  including Gift Aid.